Do I have to join the Club to visit a workshop or session?

You’re welcome to visit either the workshop or the session at any time. If you want to join in the workshop then you must be a member, but we have a very flexible policy of allowing prospective members to visit and try out the Club before joining.

Is the Club limited to fiddlers only?

We welcome all instruments, and we’ve had guitars, pianos, mandolins, flutes, accordians, concertinas, penny whistles, cellos, bodhrans. If you can play a jig or reel on it, your instrument is welcome!

Kids Playing 1I’m a beginner. Is there a place for me in the Club?

The pace of the first part of the workshop is slow, and is oriented toward beginners and intermediate players. You may even benefit from sitting through the advanced part of the workshop to gain valuable pointers on playing. Members are always helpful, too!

I play, but I’m not that familiar with Scottish music. What should I do?

Both the first and second part of the workshop would be valuable for you since there are key points covered in both parts. Even the second part of the workshop will give you the necessary to play the grace notes, and to understand Scottish fiddle music. The sessions, even if you don’t know the tunes, will give you an understanding of the music. Sessions are a great way to make friends while having a wonderful time.

What’s the difference between Scottish and Irish music?

Come to the BSFC and find out! Really, it’s all about the type of dance that the music is played for. Reels and jigs are dance tunes, and the dances differ between Scotland and Ireland. There’s a difference in the feel of the music, and a difference in the emphasis, and where it falls in the measure. Beyond that, there are many technical differences in the bowing and other mechanics of playing. These things are covered in the monthly workshops.

My daughter is only ten, but she plays some fiddle tunes. Can she be a member?Lissa Teaching at a BSFC Workshop

Definitely yes!. We have several pre-teen and teen members and encourage young people to join.  By the way, parents of young members often can help as volunteers.

Can I join if I don’t have any Scottish ancestry or connections?

Absolutely. We are an ethnically diverse group bound together primarily by our love for good fiddle music.

How is the Club organized? Is there a board of directors?

Yes. There is a board of directors which holds meetings every month or two to plan the direction of the Club and decide on the various issues which must be addressed in normal club operation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                  Members of BSFC playing at Canadian-American Club